Friday, March 22, 2013

WHBS Offers LInk2school

School Management System for Totally FREE

White House Business Solutions (WHBS) is offering Link2School, a state of art, technology driven, innovative school management system, totally free of cost. The school need not spend even a ruppee for the implementation of Link2School. The best oppurtunity for schools in Chennai to implement a school management system which can automate their administrative and academic process.

Why free?

Schools in Chennai are institutions which provide quality education for a justifiable fee collected from their parents. Now that the Government has fixed a ceiling for fee collection, the schools are not in the position to invest more money to improve their administrative & academic services. Though the Governments intention was for making quality education available for general public, it hinders the feasibility to improve academic services. To help schools cope with such situations, we are willing to offer our school management system (Link2School) totally FREE OF COST for the schools.

How free?

Link2School would be available for use to the school under SaaS (software as a service) model. The school need not spend any money for procuring hardware and software to install and maintain the system. All that a school need to provide for successful implementation is to appoint a part time coordinator, through whom we can understand the school's process. We also take up a basic level of customization to suit to the school's specific requirement.

Benefits to the school:
The school can enjoy all the benefits of having a school management system as listed below:

  • Easy to use, flexible, scalable, and portable 
  • Anytime, anywhere access to school information Internet  Intranet)
  • Effective maintenance of student and staff database
  • Easy tracking of student or staff.
  • Facility to intimate notices, Events, Holidays, student Attendance and marks to parents
  • Sools can be very transparent and quick in communicating with parents as there is no extra hard work required.
  • Automation of important units like fees and library can effectively eliminate any ambiguity and loss of property and liquidity of the school.
  • Online assignment submission
  • Online analysis of performance
  • Easy compilation of exam reports and performance analysis.
  • Exam results can be viewed by the student and parent, online.
  • Flexible and customizable to suit individual schools needs
  • Support for RFID Tags, Smart Cards, Biometrics, Mobile SMS/Text/IM and Barcode.
  • Effectively increases the productivity and efficiency of the office management staff, due to automation.
  • Customization of the systems homepage or login page to reflect the school's logo and branding.

The school can have its entire data put up in the system exported in their desired format. If required we can also provide additional backup services for the database at regular intervals.

Interested schools can contact us or feel free to
call us @
044-2561 9000 / 2561 9111

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About WHBS:

White House Business Solutions is a leading edge learning and training technology provider to Corporations, Universities, Schools, Educational publishers and Government Institutions.

Since year 2000, WHBS 's unified
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Our solutions also include m-learning products, custom course-ware development, multi platform content authoring tool and services around popular open source systems.

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