Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It is a way to deliver, manage,switch, and capture the data in integrated environment.

It decreases functioning that the maintain cost, improves efficiency, of the data that we have fetched in to the system

File management module that offers document to be placed in  a secure, protected  area to maintain and collect the store folders of student/teachers and all documents of a school, college or university.

This File Management System store exactly all type of  data information in various format that we provided.

Its comprised by the any student report, progress report ,personal information, health information, record of lessons, discipline notice,detail of assignment report, attendance record,, extra curricular activities, and parent information- File management system gives an easy access for all the data, and its enabled the user to track the document at any time its also record in an authorized folder.

Categorically managing the files from past data
Present files management
Files allotted to every student and staff member from the day of their admission to their day of exit.
All types of files of any format uploaded by the students, teachers are all categorized and organize

Functions enabled in file management module

Document follow for Student/Teachers/Staffs/Parent throughout the year
Ease of access for files
Store every type of document of student/parents/teachers/staffs
Generate reports or file details of file status
Track document accounting to the data
Secure file management
User friendly management system
Modified , added, delete possibilities
Automatically can add any kind of data

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