Tuesday, April 2, 2019


In the e-learning frontier, Custom course design is one of the most demanded subject for e-learning developers. Custom content makes the training more effective and brings out the expected outcome of the training. Meanwhile many organizations anticipate rapid development and wish to reduce their training cost. As you begin your search for rapid, custom course development with affordable budget you will quickly come to the place of authoring tools.

Most of the developers who work in custom development at places use authoring tools. The right multi-device authoring tools create flexible, effective, and engaging learning environment that learners enjoy learning and tends to the effective outcome.

Authoring tools like Captivate, Claro, Lectora and Storyline enabled the folks to create robust courses. When you look at the features of an authoring tool, it embraces a wide range of development functions such as.....Click

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Monday, April 1, 2019


There are many institutions which has training materials in the form of adobe flash content. These institutions are now pushed to a corner to deliver this existing training contents to cater to their employees with multi-device deliverables.

They should think about the investments they already did to prepare this content and to allot an approximate budget to keep this training contents alive for the present and the future. WHBS helps these institutions to convert their existing adobe flash developed content training materials to HTML5 content.

We use authoring tools for quick conversion of adobe flash to HTML5 content, not to mention this conversion process will be cost-effective with short turn around time. WHBS also guides to host these training contents in learning management system which is of your preference and helps to upgrade your institutions with rich and flexible training materials.

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With the arrival of authoring tools like story-line, captivate, lectora..the custom elearning development in adobe flash platform faded into oblivion. As learning materials are now focused towards mobile device delivery, HTML 5 elearning development is in demand. 

A decision taken by the late Steve Jobs not to allow adobe flash animations in the iOS devices has now come to full circle and of-course it is now considered as a period for Adobe flash animations.

Here is an official announcement from adobe that it kills flash. View the articles regarding this which was released by adobe and the reasons.

WHBS which is a pioneer in custom flash e-Learning content development and provided solutions for various Ministries of education around the globe, successfully embraced this paradigm shift in the development technology and it has already been into custom HTML5 E-learning content development from the year 2014.

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Friday, March 1, 2019


Once there is a trend in e-learning that the deliverables are in the form of CD/DVD. With most people buying/selling their goods online, and also don’t want to store CD/DVD with their already existing collections, there is a paradigm shift in the deliverable which took a world wide platform called Web Based Technology deliveries.

You need not find the label of CD/DVD to see the content, no need to worry about the scratches or to find the safe place to protect the physical storage devices.

With an acumen of foreseeing the future trends and the needs of the e-learning industry, WHBS developed an e-learning portal called KontentBay (http://www.ilearnsmart.com) integrated with payment gateway mechanism to disseminate the digital content of any form.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Why Mobile or Tablet devices are experiencing such Risks?

You may be considering, in the matter of why we are of this opinion that cell phones are not a protected method for learning or putting away data in light of the fact that:
The common opinion about mobile devices is that they are not a secure means of learning or storing information. The reasons are as follows:
Everyone has the same opinion that mobile devices are not secure and more prone to treats because:

    • Due to loss of mobile devices
    • Mobile information getting hacked
    • Use of mobile device in unsecured environments
Depending on the reasons mentioned above, should we quit mobile learning?

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

E-Learning portal for personnel training

Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik launched the force’s e-learning portal NIPUN and training division website on November 14. Through the website, Delhi Police will be using advanced technology in imparting in-service training to its personnel, Suman Nalwa, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Training), said.

The e-learning portal aims to give online training and information through specialised courses designed by experts in the field.

The flexibility of taking courses anytime and anywhere will now make it possible for police personnel to upgrade their skills and re-enforce their learning while balancing training time with work time, the senior officer said.

Source: indiatoday.in

White House Business Solutions P Ltd, Chennai has 19 years of experiencing in providing elearning services and solutions both in India and Internationally. It has catered both services and solutions I.e., training content development and.....Click for more details....

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Electrical goods maker Havells India will launch an IOT based ‘Smart Fan’ along with a range of premium and technology-enabled fans in January 2019, a top company official said Wednesday.

The fan controlled by a remote, with a mobile app and Wi-Fi connectivity, will adjust its speed based on the temperature in the room.

White House Business Solutions P Ltd, along with elearning and learning management solutions and services has started to provide its expertise in the field of IOT based ‘Smart’ solutions.  

With its strong textile background and has been a leading knitted garments exporter from 1962...

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Elearning Development – Hospitality – Household Assistant

The second elearning module was developed based on the instructional material for Hospitality - Household assistant (General) under Hospitality sector developed for the Modular Employable skill (MES).  It covers 19 modules.

This e-learning modules covers about the services rendered by the support staff like baby sitter, telephone operator etc..... more...

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Thursday, August 2, 2018


Through our Brunei partner, Alif Technologies Sdn Bhd, White House Business Solutions P Ltd is developing a knowledge sharing portal named as Regional Knowledge Platform. This was already announced in our blog in the July month of 2017.

Another news we would like to share is, we got an opportunity to train brunei students in the domain of web development. Between july 30 and august 3, 2018, SEAMO VOCTECH is conducting a Customized Training Program on Web Development. We thank our Brunei partner, Alif Technologies Sdn Bhd for providing this opportunity....

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