Friday, March 16, 2018

Professional Dress Code

Miscellaneous Professional Dress Code

On Jan 6th 2018, P&HRD department of State Bank of India (SBI) has circulated an e-circular to its employees. The e-circular contains the tips and guidelines for the employees regarding ‘Professional dress code’ and ‘Personal grooming’. In that e-circular, SBI stated that every employee of the SBI should firmly follow the guidelines.  

WHBS has created an e-learning module to develop their guidelines on Professional dress code’ and ‘Personal grooming’. 

As per their requirements, we have specially created the module on the topic ‘Personal grooming’. However, the module has been created, before they circulated this e-circular.......Click

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Elearning Development – Hospitality – Household Assistant

Elearning Development for NIMI

The second elearning module was developed based on the instructional material for Hospitality – Household assistant (General) under Hospitality sector developed for the Modular Employable Skill (MES). It covers 19 modules.

This elearning modules covers about the services rendered by the support staff like baby sitter, telephone operator etc......More,

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Elearning Development for NIMI-Ornamentalist

The second elearning module was developed based on the instructional material for Ornamentalist – Handwork specialist – Applique under Garment sector developed for the Modular Employable Skill (MES). It covers 21 modules.

All kind of applique works done in the garment are given with step by step detailed explanation....More details....Click

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Elearning development - Hospitality Assistant

After developing e-Learning modules for Centres of Excellence and common learning modules, White House Business Solutions started design and development of elearning modules for Modular Employable Skills. There are about 3 books converted into elearning modules.

First elearning module was developed based on the instructional material for Hospitality Assistant course under Hospitality sector developed for the Modular Employable Skill (MES).

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Custom Content Development Services and Solutions

Custom e-Content Development:


1.       Simple Content
2.     Complex Games  (Game Based Learning)
3.     Video-based Learning
4.     Rich Animations
5.     Simple Static Graphics
6.     Translation and Localization
7.     Instructor-led Training
8.     Content Localization
9.     Image Treatments
10.   Stories, Scenarios and Simulations
11.   Performance Support

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Polytechnic students get e-learning

State higher education minister K P Anbalagan on Wednesday launched e-learning video lecture modules for polytechnic students in the state. The students can access these modules on the `TN DOTE’ YouTube channel.

This is part of the TN government’s initiative to produce a total of 720 e-learning video lecture modules for diploma students in all the 518 polytechnic colleges in the state. The project is being taken up at a cost of `58 lakh. On Wednesday , the first phase was launched with 83 modules of engineering physics, engineering chemistry and engineering mathematics prepared by the Directorate of Technical Education....More


What is microlearning?

Microlearning or bite-sized learning refers to breaking a large chunk of content into smaller and simpler learning units to meet the specific learning objective. It focus on direct knowledge transfer.

In micro-learning objective should be simple and straight, otherwise audience will lose attention when the content is too long.

Advantage of microlearning

How to design microlearning?
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Virtual Reality in the Education

As technology advances, new technologies emerge and a new ways of learning are being introduced to us. Studies demonstrated that multimedia can provide a very effective teaching and learning environment in such a way that the learning style preferences (visual, aural, text and kinaesthetic) of the learners are taken into consideration.

These studies indicate that the visual features play a very important role in understanding the concepts. As this necessitates creating new richer visual learning environments, we have to migrate into Virtual Reality (VR) educational multimedia system.

The goal of VR is to enhance, motivate and stimulate students of certain events and at the same time it also allows for students to experience hands on learning. But what is more appealing in regards to VR in education is the fact that it can be used to simulate and allow learners to practice procedures without the risk involved.

This can be applied in experiments that have proven to be difficult to carried out in traditional instructional environments, where teaching students regarding safety procedures; and in medical education without involving the safety of a real patient.

Based on the comments and feedback received from various students, it was concluded that virtual reality multimedia could enhance learning by providing much more realistic images and visual features. In addition, students found that the virtual reality multimedia teaching is very effective in terms of ease of learning and it’s very close relationship with the real world.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Invitation for expression of interest and proposals for MOOCs

With reference to the below advertisement, if any academic(s)/Professionals, associated with universities/educational institutions interested in participating with this EOI, we welcome your queries regarding the Moocs Development. Since 2014, White House Business Solutions has been offering the services of designing and development of MOOCs with The World Bank Group.

In Coursera platform, WHBS designed 5 courses with 12 sessions in 3 different languages. With plenty of experience in MOOC standards, WHBS is eager to collaborate with academics and institutions to transfer their knowledge and technical expertise in design and development of MOOCs....

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


“Let’s pledge to make India the Skill Capital of the World” is the motto of Government of India. Huge funds has been allotted for the skill development in various sectors and skill training became necessary and mandatory in almost every academic and technical expertises.

White House Business Solutions P Ltd, delivered training materials for corporates and training institutions including Reserve Bank Staff College (RBSC) – Chennai, State Bank Staff College (SBSC) – Hyderabad, International Aviation Handlers Association (IAHA) – Great Britain and I3M E-Learning and Training Solutions – France, to mention few…….Click

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