Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Expand your business on e-learning

The implication of e-learning technology in the business world wide environment has incredible growth .Comprehension, Experience, Services, and everything is worth today because of e-learning.

In today the competition factors are important for success. E-learning can be handled very easily and that the E-learning software allowing management to obtain  the right solutions. 

All organization use well developed software which can help and manage their system easier. E-Learning solutions are one of the innovative internet technology that can assist expand your business growth...

Our Services in E-learning:

We at WHBS have developed learning management solution with international standards such as SCORM 2004, and AICC
Corporate Training solution
E-Content solution
Assessment solution
SCORM solution
LMS solution
Consulting services

From the past 50 years we are delivering an operative and innovative e-content solutions by understanding the necessary skills, knowledge about product and ability to perform work critical growth of business.

We are providing the services in an real time environment and that makes the people to learn to the core and our systematic e learning solutions allow the people to study anywhere at any time.

We offer hundreds of courses covering k-12 education , and our content and information instantly up datable and its allow the people and organization to keep up with the rapid changes that define our globally wide terms....

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About WHBS:

White House Business Solutions is a leading edge learning and training technology provider to Corporations, Universities, Schools, Educational publishers and Government Institutions.

Since year 2000, WHBS 's unified framework and the products built around it has powered some of the world's best digital learning, assessment and talent management programs. We have a team of over 200 full time associates based in India with a global clientele.

Our solutions also include m-learning products, custom course-ware development, multi platform content authoring tool and services around popular open source systems.

Some Quick Facts about us:

*    Working relationship with companies across the globe.

*    Over 30+ active client engagements;1millions man hours of experience in developing e-content.

*    Ranked Top service providers with over a decade's  experience in International Markets; Zero defect tolerance policy.

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