Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Open Ticket Request System:

Open ticket request system reduces the waiting time to complete the quality checking for the entire course. This facilitates to attend the quality checking reports “bug by bug” simultaneously without wasting the precious man hours costs for any corporate.

No need to maintain or consolidate the bugs daily or monthly or project-wise for any documentation process. It’s all in this OTRS, which saves enormous time involved in documentation.

Enables to fix the severity of bug which has to be attended immediately for deliveries with utmost importance.

Developers without wasting time can fix the bugs according to the severity thereby focusing or delegating to the concern person for immediate attention.

OTRS gives you the count of various types of errors like graphical, technical, functional, display etc., which can be immediately assigned to the respective departments without the need of brainstorming or analyzing the reports.

This bug reporting system allows the developers to reduce the repetition of errors which can be done frequently and can keep a tab on the quality checkers also about their quality of finding the bugs.

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