Thursday, October 14, 2010

Automated Timetable / Schedule Generation for entire school

Although automated timetable / scheudle generation is a widely studied topic, the use of automated time table generation is not widespread among educational institutes. Automated timetable generation is a hard problem because of its size and the complexity of constraints needed to satisfy the demands of students and teachers. 

The problem is made harder yet by the need to develop a system that is easy for everyone involved in the process to use and understand, and for them to be satisfied with the results.

Link2School School Management Software provides various types of functions for teachers and school administrators to setup and manage timetable/schedule generation for the entire school with ease and simplicity. 

  • generate master timetables, class timetables, teachers' timetables, 
  • enable retrieval, viewing and updating the of teachers timetables and attendance records  
  • Timetable for entire school can be viewed in one master
  • Staff and the student can view their respective class and subject timetables
  • Though fully automated, manually allotting the subjects and periods according to a teacher’s interest can be done
  • Distinguished colour codes for each subject
  • Print out options for generated timetables

    *  More options are available and can be done in  customization.

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