Saturday, October 9, 2010

Student Profile Management from Kindergarten to Grade 12

School Management System will seamlessly maintain and provide support for all administrative functions related to Student profile management. It will provide the capability to maintain and update a variety of information pertaining to the student’s administrative and academic performance both automatically and manually. Along with identification information, the profile will include portal personalization preferences and community identification information.

The system shall maintain student particulars, academic qualifications, performance, student status, disciplinary history, awards, attendance record, family history and other information concerning the student. The following are some of the key capabilities of the system:

  • Student attendance and discipline record can be viewed and assessed across various classes and various schools.
  • Schools can provide a separate login for each student, allowing them to have access to their entire profile and information related to their profile.

  • The student details once entered into the system right from their pre-admission stage will be transferred through out the student education life cycle across all educations institutions and government departments.

  • The profile information will be updated automatically every year as soon as they are promoted to another class or section.

     *More options are available and can be done in customization.

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