Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Examination Management Software

The Link2School Examination Management System, is the benchmark in new-age education delivery systems and set the knowledge revolution in motion. It leverages the power of technology and facilitates the conduct of fool-proof examination, reduce turn-around time, enhance accuracy of evaluation and manage vast amounts of data in a distributed environment.

Link2School has a state of the art Examination Management System that revolutionizes the entire examination process by diligently meeting the requirements of the school in conducting examination. The system automates the complete life cycle of Examination Management which includes online registration of candidates, examination fee management, marks uploading, hall ticket generation, question bank management, question paper generation, automated evaluation up to processing and publication of results.

Examination management software used to handle, create and evaluate examination:

With the help of this examination system
we can automate the task of
Registration of students
Enrollment for examination
Result and report generation  

Its reduce the cost,and manual process needed for the examination management.

Increase the quality of the process , reduce the workload of the organization with expected quality.

The system provide the easy interface for students and teachers examination process.
  • Automatic grading system once the marks are entered
  • User defined letter grade formulas for each class. You can define grading formulas such as A, A+, A- or 4.0, 3.2 etc.
  • Calculate final grade by assignment or tests, attendance or other. Supports weighted grade categories.
  • One click option to promote the student from one class or section to another class or section
  • Print out options for mark sheet, class wise, subject wise or by student wise.
  • Cumulative assessment can be done during the final exams
  • Hall tickets can be issued online or through mail during pre-admission time
*More options are available and can be done in customization.

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