Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Modernizing the schools

If you want to upgrade your educational institution with ICT facilities,
we provide the cost-effective solution which meets your all demands.

1. A system which manage the educational activities like hosting, delivering, tracking the content.

2. A system which conducts online assessments and allowing students to submit assignments online.

3. A system which the teacher, student, parent, and the administrator can access anytime, anywhere.

4. A system which comprehensively manages the school administration and management activities.

5. Digital contents which facilitates the learning and teaching for the next generation.

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About WHBS: 

WHBS provides you a solution which fits exactly for all the above demands. It offers a learning management system and school management system and campus management system for educational institutions who look for implementing the ICT support infrastructures. Its custom built elearning contents sits comfortably in any virtual learning environments.

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