Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Build the Learning Management System

i-Learn Knowledge Framework - Powerful LMS:

The i-Learn Knowledge Framework is a simple & powerful Learning Management System ( LMS )  which provides the foundation for a robust, flexible, scalable e-Learning environment.

i-Learn provides the flexibility for organizations to create, host, deliver, track and assess both customized and packaged content. The system is built on a secured and robust architecture and is compliant to leading industrial standards such as SCORM 1.2 & SCORM 1.3

Learning Management System ( LMS ) - Solution

The i-Learn Knowledge Framework is built over the Microsoft architecture which makes the system highly scalable & robust.

‘Learning Processes differs in every organization‘. The i-Learn Academic Suite has been built to support customized learning paths thus making it a perfect choice for all organizations. The system has been modeled on 5 essential pillars of a learning environment.


Build the Learning Management System:

Category Management-It provides the facility Add, Modify, Remove categories or groups. Grouping of courses in to the categories or group

Course Management-Easy interface to, Delete, Deactivate, Archive courses

Syllabus Preparation-It provides the option to create syllabus for any new course. Details such as the number of chapters and elements could be easily created as a tree hierarchy.

Syllabus Approval- Once the syllabus is created it must be approved. In this system, the prepared syllabus is displayed as a tree hierarchy and the instructor is provided the option to select chapters / elements and approve.
Content Preparation-A simple online Editor is available which allows easy content creation and upload it to the approved learning element. The Editor also allows creation of single page & multi page content. Objects such as images, movies, flash files etc could also be embedded along with the content.

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