Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LMS Hosting Solutions Services - i-Learn Knowledge Framework

E-Learning and Learning Management System ( LMS ) Consulting:

i-Learn Knowledge Framework - Powerful LMS

The i-Learn Knowledge Framework is a simple and powerful Learning Management System ( LMS ) which provides the foundation for a robust, flexible, scalable e-Learning environment.

i-Learn provides the flexibility for organizations to create, host, deliver, track and assess both customized and packaged content. 


The system is built on a secured and robust architecture and is compliant to leading industrial standards such as SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 1.3 Identifying the training management processes, learning needs, determining the infrastructure, maintenance and support methodology has always been a big pain for organizations worldwide. 

With over a decade of experience on implementing educational management systems, we provide a rollout plan for implementing your customized Learning Management System.

We start by identifying your e-learning needs, preparedness like staff IT knowledge and acceptance and Infrastructure availability and propose an ideal implementation plan for your organization.

eLearning and LMS Technical Services 
Implementation and Training:

i-Learn’s architecture design makes it highly flexible and  scalable. If you need the i-Learn suite to be integrated with your existing Student Management System or Employee Management System our technical services team has the experience to quickly integrate your existing application with our LMS at affordable costs. 

Our professional training services provide the right blend of motivation and product knowledge to equip the end-users with the right tools to adopt the i-Learn Academic suite instantly.

Software as a Services for LMS Solution:

Is your organization on the look for a reliable Learning Management System, but is concerned about the huge upfront licensing and hardware infrastructure costs? 

We could also offer the i-Learn – Academic Suite as a Service. By employing this service, organizations enjoy a phenomenal cost savings as charges associated with the annual software licensing, infrastructure and system support are eliminated. Apart from it, the service also provides the following advantages:

Scalability Options - The service provides the flexibility for the users to pay only for the licenses / services utilized on a monthly basis.

Eliminate hidden costs - Predefined charges provide the clarity of costs involved for organizations to plan their budget.

Save as you scale - The cost per person decreases as the number of users/ services increases.

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