Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One solution for Many problems - Link2school

SMS alerts – This is not a SPAM message

...........So what is PTT?
Push To Talk...........?
Press To Transmit.....?

If it is such a useful feature, then why not it should be implemented in the school administration?

Our school management system software allows the school administration or the class teacher to send an automated SMS [Short Messaging Service] to the parents/guardians, when their children is absent for the school.

Think about this, the effective way to reach the parents

-       instead of sending bulk SMS about your school as an advertisement and to irritate the people. The more the spam SMS they get the more they hate the brand.

-       Instead of paying to the bulk SMS providers to advertise your school, it is better to invest for a system which really takes to the people in real time.

Just a click in the attendance form will send a SMS to the parents if their children are absent. Is this system only for students? This feature is available for staffs' also, where the principal or the school incharge will get the alerts when their staffs are absent on that day.

Link2school is a - “One to Many” - 

One solution for Many problems” - type of application that lets the school management to focus on education services more rather spending their time in re-organizing their existing structure. Its attendance module allows the facility to send SMS alerts to the parents/guardians or school incharge about the non-presence of their children.

For more details, Please click here   http://www.link2school.com

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