Friday, September 17, 2010

Manage the Learning Management System ( LMS )

Manage the Learning Management System    ( LMS ):
Content Upload-i-Learn provides an easy & interactive tool to upload content to chapters or learning elements. With this tool SCORM Content, Non-SCORM content, contents created using editor and external files such as documents, Excel files could be uploaded in matter of seconds.

Users List Upload-i-Learn provides a pre-defined excel template in which administrators could provide hundreds of user registration information and upload them to the data base thus enabling faster registration of all Instructors and Learners in few minutes.

Group Management- This module enables assigning of courses to instructors. Once this is assigned the instructor gets the access to prepare syllabus for courses, assignments, exams etc.

Access rights- The system also provides the facility to setting or removing access rights to any user for specific modules.

Course List-The system provides the facility to display the list of courses available for a particular user along with category & their syllabus. Details such as SCORM, Non-SCORM and external files uploaded to that course could be obtained through this feature.

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