Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Ultimate Campus Management Software System

Office Management:


Papers, files and documents have become a part of everyone's life these days and everyone has the grudge of not able to contribute to a Greener World. This is exactly why our campus management system was developed with such an module called Office Management where we let our clients to create a paperless administration office. Our  module will help you run the actual administration of your educational institute. This module is basically designed to help you manage the finance, payroll, inventory and files.
  • Payroll Management

    • Salary allotment and automatic pay roll management
    • Deductions based on basic pay and other allowances.
    • Calculating various taxes depending on their pay level
    • Automatic generation of pay slips and certificates
  • Front Office Management

    • Gate Pass/Visitor Pass generation
    • Maintaining Visitors' records
    • Getting feedback and queries from visitors and reporting them
    • Walk in enquiries and telephonic enquiries stored properly for proper follow ups
    • Message Leaving Services
  • Financial Accounting

    • Payments to other vendors and banks
    • Bank statements management
    • Balance Sheet and management accounts
    • Profit & Loss accounting
    • Financial year closing reports
  • Inventory Management

    • Inventory reports from every department on a monthly basis
    • Purchase and services handling and report generation
    • Forecasting the materials requirement and other quick access to inventory
    • Physical stock monitoring and reporting
  • File Management

    • Categorically managing the files from past data
    • Present files management
    • Files allotted to every student and staff member from the day of their admission to their day of exit.
    • All types of files of any format uploaded by the students, teachers are all categorized and organized.
  • Transportation Management

    • Transportation planning and route allotment
    • Fixing fares and collecting the same
    • List of students and other staff members utilizing the transportation facility and the details
    • Vendor details of transportation service and other legal documents.

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