Friday, February 21, 2014

Global Positioning System - GPS (Transportation Management System)


Ensures the safety of the driver while in pick-up/delivery of consignments. The actions in the driver cabin will be relayed live and monitored. Used to prevent the fines imposed due to the reckless driving disobeying the traffic rules.


Fitted in the fuel tank, it notifies the level of fuel at any time and helps to reduce the fuel expenses thereby ensuring the profitable fleet management. Fuel theft will not be possible and false report on fuel filling can be avoided.


Prevents from vehicle theft, by cutting of the fuel supply to the engine. If the vehicle moves in undesignated direction, the fuel-cut off will be triggered. Remote immobilization of the vehicle is possible during theft situations. 


Used to monitor the temperature sensitive goods transported. Immediate alerts will be sent when the temperature goes up beyond the permitted limit. Gives total protection of frozen goods. Helps to take necessary precautions to preserve the consignments.


Sends an alert SMS and shut down automatically when the voltage drops below to certain level. Very useful to know the timing for replacing the battery and also to know its efficiency. Gives you the level of the battery be it is in good state, OK state or needs to be charged.


A feature used to define geographical boundaries using the GPS. It acts like a virtual barrier and triggers alarm if the vehicle enters into any restricted area or area outside the limits. A SMS alert will be sent/received whenever the vehicle enters/exits the Geo-fence.


A feature which will keep you updated about every movement of the goods, drivers and the vehicles. This enables to keep control and to correct the situations/actions whenever needed. Over speeding, breaching Geo-fencing, low fuel, low battery are some of the SMS alerts you receive through our system.


Used to record the work time of the driver during the pick up/delivery. It also records the over-time spent by the driver during a trip. Restrict drivers to use authorized vehicles and improves the driver behavior. Details of the driver can be seen with the use of RFID.

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