Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kontentbay - Learning as a Service ( LaaS )

About Kontentbay:

An online hosting, distributing and learning platform, Kontent bay allows any institution to launch their learning contents online and allow to access the contents by the users who are purchasing the contents online. Payment gateway is integrated to facilitate online purchasing.

It is a website:

The learning contents are hosted online with a domain name hence accessible anywhere from the world with the presence of internet.

It is a place to buy:

With more than 100+ learning resources available online in various subjects for K12 like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, science and Information technology subjects, Kontentbay is a one stop shop to buy the learning contents.

It is free for buyers:

Any one can login and become a member of Kontentbay needless to say whether they are buying it or not. They can surf the available learning content titles and can request for a demo before going for purchase.

It is a place to sell:

Any content provider can sell their learning contents through Kontentbay. The selling model will be disclosed during a mutual agreement. A separate instance will be created to the content provider, thereby they can sell their products and manage the traffic of their own. A proper training will be given to the content provider after becoming a member of Kontentbay.

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