Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Customer Relationship Management

V-Tiger Customer Relationship Management

To maintain unlimited customer calls, enquiries through various channels like email, telephone calls, and website enquiries.

Assigned to the marketing or sales person who are handling the leads. Integrated facility to send and receive mails without referring customer’s details from a separate database or portal.

Convert and know the status of the leads like hot, cold, put on hold, etc., Able to create separate log-ins for the management levels to follow up the status.

V-Tiger CRM can consolidate the order values once the leads are converted into projects.

Sort the leads by date-wise, customer name-wise, country-wise etc., to identify potential leads. Generates lead numbers automatically and assigns to each enquiries while recording.

Can route the mails generated from the enquiry in your company website and other websites to this portal to maintain a common place for records.

Install and setup the open source customer relationship management in just less than 2 hours to own a portal of your own or for your corporate.

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