Friday, March 15, 2013

Integral-CE College Management Software

Integral-CE an effort to create advance a logically improve the planned and prepared school/college/university environment, Many schools/colleges/Universities enhancing the Campus Management System, develop to promote your management process in to enrich the greater sophisticated and user-friendly system.

The campus management system allow the management to connect the data between the system and people and automates the several modules without any difficulties such as Students Faculty and administrative information, Campus management. Scheduling, Library, Examination, Reports, Utility, Academic and finance allowing real time access to all campus activities.

It is the key process of integrate all the modules and efficiently create an administration block to import data without any interruption Its provides the complete functional requirement of present leading institution required. 

The CMS actually provides an effective and innovative process helps to provide effectual and competent information, Deliver the communication between the students/teachers/administrator

Track and capture the legacy of information that what we recorded

Update/modify and delete student data

Generate  billing

Report the status and maintain daily activities

Coordinate and report by mailing 

and also it offers a high degree ?f security with structured access f?r different types ?f information ?d reduce manual works b? automating regular repetitive work and its major modules include student management, fee management, examination management, HR ?d salary management, inventory ?and time table management.

In Student module it allow to track any information and capture any relevant information about student and get report of the performance 

Fee management module allow to determinate and execute fee , collect and generate reports of payment.

And inventory module allow all the administration process such as compute salary, created profit and loss of yearly statement And we have several portal to modify , delete create and maintain the reports that you have provided Its is(Integral CE) the source point of all your school/college/university management activities.

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