Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Features of an Elearning

E-learning can enrich the easiness and quality of learning when its compared with traditional classroom trainings

Features of e-learning:  
The developing an environment that indicates an active methodology to learning

Giving access to resources over when and where they study

Flexibility to employees to study at their own place

Its supports an effective communications between mentors and learners

Providing frequent access at the mean time gives an effective feedback for an individual

Supplementary commercial reuse of enriched quality

Encouraging learners via applicable use of interactive course ware;

Promising and encourage learners to take corresponded for their own learning

Easier to amend and update the materials

Supportive and encouraging communication and collaboration learning

Providing access to Resources and Factual, otherwise the available or accessible graphics, sound, animation and multimedia will provide the complete access to the course ware.

Reducing the management pressure by making continuous available online information. This can provide more time for other activities.

The learning environment providing resources to access their individual course section.

Supporting an increasingly large and diverse employee population with little increase in teaching time

Benefits of E-learning:

E-learning reduces employee time away from work

E-learning meets the needs of geographically diverse employees

E-learning reduces the travel cost

E-learning provides more consistent course delivery

E-learning increases the knowledge retention

Training makes employee more productive

Customer satisfaction increases with employee training

Training results in less employee turnover

E-learning is cost effective and cost saving

E-learning yields better learning results than traditional learning

E-learning can offer more adaptive and personalized instruction

Impact of e-learning web-based e-learning actually enriched the globalization eliminating the traditional requisite for face-to-face collaboration within classrooms, the property of direct human communication.

Web-based e-learning is a contributory for accomplish globalization outcomes if an intentional, systematic, and positive approach is taken to reach that target.
A perfect statement of globalization aim, an clarifying and understanding of the technology reasonable and the execution of targeted pedagogic methods are the important steps in order to ensure a true globalization expertise.

This e-Learning process will help you to  researchers and in online learning, specially those who are planning to deliver to their institution to reach globalization efforts.

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