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Multimedia is an Immersive Technology

Multimedia used to create two or more types of media collective shared application into an one  package—formally indicates a collective approach of few or all of the video, sound, animation, text, and pictures. 

Multimedia provide to effect of the presentation of material that we focused. The various aspect of multimedia presentation that manipulate the various presentation materials , the multimedia presentation that involve with the outcome what we expecting from our previous scenarios.

This present the user a range of maintenance, and having the opportunity to introduce the changes in the given path

Media type

There are several type of media used in multimedia presentation , We can make  simple, complex Visual , Audio and digital effects.

Multimedia components are divided into 


Most simple types of media is text..the simple images with text document can be used to appear with  systems.


Gives the complementary to the text media audio represent the online audios sound effects can help to make presentation more valuable and used to focus the listeners.


The important multimedia productions that planned and well focused concept with images.

That supposed with digital and analog, photographs with certain clearity.


The most useful and focused graphics that move with effects of audios that called as Animations , that plays the greatest part of multimedia.


Today's main industry use of multimedia is that Videos used to create movies , communicate with business in an instructional use within the company,  helps to update and communicate with business messages.


Used to learn the different part of information in our own terms and its a computer based tool allows to links , environment section ans knowledge improvement series will come under interactivity section.

This is a newest form of multimedia

Learning through

Multimedia have several learning objects:

Digital media:

It refers the technical storage and information about the end product that will be in the form of electronic media and data storage that approach the stream such as technology, science, business and social environment, and education.

Analog media:

The data stored in digital media that could be recorded and the legacy of the digital system that makes the analog system to transform that the media that would focus with the real audio level interaction between digital and analog can be fetched by the analog system.

Rich media:

Rich media would followed by the interactive multimedia programs, its a web page ad that uses advanced technology such as streaming video, downloaded pages, that internet instantly with the user.

Hyper media:

Hypermedia, used in online multimedia presentations such as rich media, refers to the hyperlinks embedded in visual media. An understanding of hypermedia the collection that technical connect with the wizard and displays the context effectively approach the development of the hypermedia application.

Uses of multimedia in different industries:

The usage of multimedia that too in different stream so the uses of multimedia is very huge and different stream such as Education, Industries, Research, Engineering, Graphic design.


Multimedia used to produce computer based training courses and reference books can be used in multimedia in various format and that also describing the combining with entertainment especially multimedia entertainment.


Virtually is the web based technologies that helpful to provide employee training and give current information to the client ans advertising and selling the product to the over all world.

Scientific Research:

Mainly used for scientific substance research can be used for create multimedia journal document.


Gives entertainment to training like industrial training and software interfaces often done as communication between professional and software engineers.

Graphic design:

Designing the high quality services with the professional graphics, designing the professional materials and encompasses the whole range of media services and outsourcing  designing.

Sales ans promoting uses in multimedia

Sales and Promoting:

Multimedia plays the huge part in Sales and promotion

The design of logo and can make flexible presentation that services includes the description ans goods and sales , firm design.

Presentations an Promotion:
Multimedia may also be used in stores to engage , educate and market the consumer and based on the customer feedback that we can promote our product by the help of multimedia rich content.

Anywhere multimedia can places an effective part nowadays, its  shows importance of  multimedia.

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