Friday, February 8, 2013

Front Office Management

Integral CE front office management module that maintain the reception area of school/college/universities and capture and involves school/college/university activities.

It will effortlessly manage all front office operations in the whole school/college/university. This front office module is easy to use for both new as well as experienced users. 

Capture and track the schedule all the Teachers/ staffs/ in an institution. maintain record of all the phone related activities, receives the courier and school/ college/ universities software that provided from the institution front office

Maintain the details of :

Front office organizing contact
Appointment & Schedule the staff related activities
Help front office
Track the reception details such as visitors, issue gate pass
Help to new visitor/ Parents / Student
Gives Alert ans maintain reminders
Easy-to-access case for all the front office activities

Functions enables in Front office management module

Ease of  track records entered
Integrate and generate reports 
Address book , telephone directory
Gate Pass/Visitor Pass generation 
Maintaining Visitors' records
Getting feedback and queries from visitors and reporting them 
Permission slip generation for student/visitor 
Walk in enquiries and telephonic enquiries stored properly for proper follow ups
Message Leaving Services


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