Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FOSS customization and WHBS:

The awareness of FOSS has created a wave among the corporate and government agencies alike.

Currently, though few people go for proprietary, the reasons for opting out the FOSS is the lack of support-upgradation and training. WHBS, in recent years, has emerged as one of the favourite destination and the solution provider in customizing the open source content management systems.

Some of our clients are WBI [e-learning programs], Lapurette, NIDM, YASHADA, Twinkle [korea], TAFE, Hacettepe √úniversitesi, etc.,

Some of the open source content management system which WHBS offering its solutions and expertise are:

Word press
............and more

So once you decided upon which open source content management system to be customized for your organization, remember that WHBS is ready to serve you with our expertise.

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