Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Need of the Hour: School Management Software

Imagine sending your daughter/son to a school and you can later login to the School website and find out what was your child's last school test marks and also express your dissatisfaction of the poor arrangements they had made for the last excursion your child went for. All at one click from your home/office.

Yes, all these features are a part of a school management system and the services not just include the above said, but also many more for four profiles of users' a school will have. School Management, Teachers, Students and Parents.

So, why do we even need such a system, when you regularly get emails/phone calls & SMSs from the school on your child's progress and updates? Can you see they are all one way communication from the school management to you and to express your thoughts, you cant afford a day to actually go and talk to them.

This is not just with the parents but Schools are also in a increasing need of addressing the teachers, students and the parents altogether at one time, which is practically possible only with a School Management System.

Link2School is one such Campus Management Software designed and developed for schools wishing to go online. With technology developing in an addition mode, the cyber frauds,and threats are going in a multiplication mode and hence we need to carefully look for each and every safety measure to prevent our children/students from any misguidance. 

This is Information era and children are getting more information at just one click and both schools and parents are finding it pretty difficult to keep their children away from the goods and evils of the internet. 

The Campus Management System provides intense security over the students' internet access and yet giving them a networking opportunity among themselves through Blogs and Forums, where the students, teachers and parents all get a freedom of expression about anything related to the education system or school management.

How long are we gonna keep our Schools and Students from going live and open? Isn't it something, a need of the hour for both the schools and the parents, so we could be on the same line as our children that are not just running but flying with technology? Think...............

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