Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Enhancing Education Through Technology

Enhancing Education Through Technology – EETT Program of US
Though the title might suggest to discuss more on the Ed Tech (EETT) program of United States Government, this articles is actually not. But, will analyze and discuss on the current status of public schools in US and the initiative taken by the government to improve these schools in a nut shell.

With the federal government estimated to spend about $ 895 billion for education, major reforms are expected to hit the education market of US in 2011. Are all these funds actually claimed by all those continually failing or as in termed as "in need of improvement" by NCLB Act? The answer is sadly NOT.

Though the education system followed in the country is praised for its practical applications in real life, US has been forced into a situation where it miserably lacks for professional skills like IT etc. The need for skilled education and managing the education system need to be effectively performed and organized. Elementary and Secondary education is the one that decides the fate of the direction of growth of US education system.

Government run public schools that receive Title I funding through Elementary and Secondary Education Act, 1965, are put under an assessment system, Adequate Yearly Progress, AYP and these schools must show a progressive AYP every year than the previous year's performance. But, how effective is this assessment system really influence the schools to perform and improve is a big question.

There are still a lot of arguments against the assessment system as for the Act itself. Critics argue that schools are set for a competition to achieve an unrealistic goal under the assessment system and also that schools have a chance to actually manipulate the results to get more incentives from the state. The sad part is students are taught exclusively for the test and not to improve their skills.

Apart from these basic educational issues and reforms to be made for the betterment, research experts predict that technology has to be brought in to enhance the education system in US. More investment in technology in the School campus, and students management through technology is to be done.

There are so many school campus management systems that completely transform a traditional brick and mortar school to a technically advanced campus, such as regular report generation on progress for every student automatically sent to their parents, monitoring the teachers' performance, assessing their training skills, and training them and transportation management and library management to event management. The biggest advantage of such campus management systems is the active involvement of the management, teachers, students and their parents in every day running of the school, so every one of them have an active contribution to the betterment of the school's administration and performance.

There are still a lot of charter school that lack the basic technology amenities and the state government should try to consider each and every school, analyze their requirements and allot the funds for the improvement. Hiring resources to maintain and teach the technology to the school personnel and students is also an important task of the states without which the mission would be incomplete.

The good intentions behind the NCLB should never be let down and it lies with the states and the federal government to make sure every child in the nation gets the right education taught in a right way to impart the adequate knowledge and skill necessary for a career and life.
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