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SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) Services:


SCORM is a "Reference Model" that integrates a set of inter-related technical standards, specifications, and guidelines designed to meet high-level requirements for learning content and systems. SCORM was born to take the best from the early efforts, specifications and standards, and achieve the goals of durability, portability, reusability, interoperability and accessibility for content. SCORM is the initiative of Advanced Distributed Learning ADL). The latest version released by ADL is SCORM 2004 4th edition. 

Advantages of SCORM:

The ability to locate and access instructional components from one remote location and deliver them to many other locations.
The ability to take instructional components developed in one location with one set of tools or platforms and use them in another location with a different set of tools or platforms.
The ability to withstand technology evolution and changes without costly redesign, reconfiguration or recoding.
The ability to incorporate instructional components in multiple applications and contexts.


We at WHBS, undertake migration of electronic learning content in different format to SCORM packages making them reusable, interoperable, durable and accessible. Many organization, educational institute, content publisher who have been creating and publishing content for many decades with a ocean of e-learning material need not spend more effort to make it SCORM compliant. The most cost effective and efficient way of making your content SCORM compliant or making it more commericially accessible and interoperable is the motto of our SCORM services at WHBS

The following are the list of SCORM services that we offer:
  1. SCORM - Implementation
  2. SCORM - Authoring tool (hosted)
  3. SCORM - Player
  4. SCORM - Consultancy
  5. SCORM - Content creation 

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