Thursday, June 10, 2010

Problems faced by School Management System

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Many schools have problems in maintaining their school profile, resource details, academic details and staff details. Do you think that all the schools have the similar problems? Yes, all the schools face the same problems. Some of the issues gathered are in the forthcoming section.

Schools don’t have enough advertisement about them with their achievements, due to which their achievements are kept under wrap from the media light. There is no reliability or a sort of ‘white paper’ about the school details such as location of school, transportation facilities, infrastructure,canteen facilities and resources details like administration and staffs. Writing circulars, and giving information to the teachers and students through notice board, needs extra resource and also time consuming to draft, taking print out or writing in the notice board. There needs a cross checking whether the information reached throughout the school or not.

The principal or the head of the institution needs few minutes to produce a report on the instant status of the school or the daily updates about the school. They need to collect the data like attendance of students, staff, number of resources available in the school and number of students present in each class manually.

Cataloguing the books in the library needs special attention of management as library is the primary source for the reference material.

Staffs need additional time to write down the details about the events like sports day, parents’ day, cultural days, home works and other information in the school diary as a daily routine. More time consumption in evaluating student assignments, which needs face to face interaction to give feedbacks and comments. 
 How to figure out these problems? Distribute circulars and announcement to the students, staffs and parents through online notice board, without wasting or spending in stationary resources. Achieve knowledge of Up-to-date details of the school in any desired time and manage the available resources in the school.

Staffs can review the assignments submitted by the students through online. Also avoids frequent reporting management about the attendance and performance of the students in the examination. Staff can renew and reserve without any complexity in library. A separate web portal is used to communicate with administrative staffs and parents. 
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