Monday, April 1, 2019


With the arrival of authoring tools like story-line, captivate, lectora..the custom elearning development in adobe flash platform faded into oblivion. As learning materials are now focused towards mobile device delivery, HTML 5 elearning development is in demand. 

A decision taken by the late Steve Jobs not to allow adobe flash animations in the iOS devices has now come to full circle and of-course it is now considered as a period for Adobe flash animations.

Here is an official announcement from adobe that it kills flash. View the articles regarding this which was released by adobe and the reasons.

WHBS which is a pioneer in custom flash e-Learning content development and provided solutions for various Ministries of education around the globe, successfully embraced this paradigm shift in the development technology and it has already been into custom HTML5 E-learning content development from the year 2014.

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