Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Course development in Coursera

We have an abundant experience in coursera course development as we had developed about 16 courses for the World Bank Group in 3 languages english, spanish and french. Hence as you know,  experience comes handy for cost-effective and speeder completion of course development, when you spot us for the course development in coursera.

Also knowing the limitations, advantages, features and other development related points, we channelize you from the beginning of the course development.

When you show interest to pick us for your course development, we give a simple orientation on how to design a course with a successful pedagogy and it will make you to prepare the course materials towards the defined objectives, without wasting your knowledge and resources.

We are capable to develop coursera courses in multi-languages and no matter if you have your course material in one language, we do translate into your required language and develop it.

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