Friday, July 3, 2015


Like for proprietary software is fading these days and search for open source software already gained as new trend. Educational institutions are transforming their learning platform to the most favoured open source content management system Moodle.

We are one of the pioneer in India to customize the Moodle for various organizations like World Bank Institute and National Institute of Disaster Management, India, for the past several years.

We offer:
  • Custom Moodle Themes
  • Custom Moodle modifications for online courses and examinations
  • Moodle custom themes and installation
  • Moodle theme design
  • Moodle course design
  • Moodle customizations
  • Moodle module development
  • Moodle plugin development
  • Payment gateway integration

    Lot of corporate companies has now been focussing to deploy their content in a learning management system to train their resources. There exists one phase where these companies competed each other to develop or to have e-learning modules or training modules for their organization to speak about their capabilities and about their workforce training.

    Now a period has come on how to deploy those e-Learning modules to secure and preserve them. White House Business Solutions is one company which caters the needs of both Elearning development and deployment in learning management systems.

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