Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Truck Management Software - Trans On Cloud

Why Trans On Cloud?

Maximum efficiency, reduced costs, and customer satisfaction - these are the basic competencies required by any logistics company to succeed in today competitive business environment. Instant access to information regarding shipment status, costs and savings is a basic expectation of every client. The company which satisfies these expectations has the edge over others in this field.

Why you need TRANS on CLOUD?

The all-encompassing Transport Solution on the Cloud (TRANS on CLOUD) from White House Business Solutions (WHBS) is guaranteed to satisfy all your truck management needs irrespective of your size and variability from planning and scheduling to truck communication with no technical hassles. Apart from meeting your customers' expectations, it is also necessary for you to overcome your day-2-day operating hassles which include but not limited to vehicle planning, utilization, tracking, costing, and so on.

What you can expect from TRANS on CLOUD?

Our truck management solution is designed to address both the customers' requirements and help you overcome your problems at the same time. You can expect improved mobile worker productivity, significant savings on expenses (labor, fuel & others) by implementing TRANSonCLOUD. Assured higher customer satisfaction is the end result.

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