Monday, August 4, 2014

Convert Your SCORM Courses To TIN CAN Compliance

Once a hot bread in E-Learning industry SCORM compliance is now slowly fading and a new cupcake TIN CAN compliance is getting dominated in the learning management systems.

Vendors who looks to host their elearning courses in the LMS are searching for a solution to convert their existing courses into TIN CAN compliance courses. Since most of the LMS are coming with TIN CAN compliance, vendors has no other options. We, WHBS with our expertise in apply the new standard gives you cost affordable solutions in converting the existing SCORM or NON-SCORM courses into a TIN CAN compliance courses. The advantage is you can track and generate the statement reports of the users or learners in the very granular level. 

The uniqueness of our service is that we provide the statements for any level in the course, as requested by you. We already got listed in the TIN CAN API adopters list and it is no new news that we are currently offered with this solutions very recently from our existing customers and partners. White House Business Solutions P Ltd is always pioneer in setting a trend one step ahead in the e-Learning industry before others step in. Special offers and discounts will be given for the orders which are high in volume without compromising in the timely delivery and our support services.

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