Thursday, September 26, 2013

Learning Management System Solutions

White House Business Solutions has grown its expertise in developing an in-house Learning Management System after years of researching in different open source LMS available in the market. And, thus, WHBS now offers customization and implementation services of some of the in demand Content Management Systems such as Moodle, Joomla and Word Press.

What we do?

Moodle Customization Services:


Moodle is a PHP based open source Learning Management System, currently rated as the best of all open source LMS. WHBS has a dedicated team with stronger technical expertise in Moodle. Advanced features like database, forums and wikis can also be integrated and implemented. We analyze your learning requirements and identify the best solution for you and thus giving you a custom made Moodle LMS so you can have your training and tutoring run smoothly.


Joomla Customization Services:


Joomla is an efficient Content Management System that could be used to right from developing a simple website to huge portals to accommodate the content, videos, images and training stuff and anything you would want. WHBS has an expert team of Joomla specialists to conceptualize your vision of the website and bring it into reality, through strategic planning of your website and the necessary plugins required. We do Joomla customization and implementation and integration of the third party applications and plug ins and search engine optimization too, so you could have a professionally done website.


WordPress Customization Services:


WordPress is an open source Content Management System, popularly known for its forum and blog publishing applications. WordPress is an ideal tool for building blogs and forums if you are keen on building a professional blog for your organization or for yourself. WHBS has a various services in WordPress such as developing a new WordPress template for you, design it, develop it and bring in functionalities what ever you wish for and of at any complex level. We do WordPress customization, SEO activities and other advanced functionalities.

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About us:

White House Business Solutions is a leading edge learning and  training  technology  provider  to  Corporations, Universities, Schools, Educational publishers and Government Institutions. 

Since year 2000, WHBS 's unified framework and the products built around it has powered some of the world's best digital learning, assessment and talent management programs. We have a team of over 200 full time associates based in India with a global clientele.

Our solutions also include m-learning products, custom course-ware development, multi-platform content authoring tool and services around popular open source systems.

Some Quick Facts about us:  

1. Working relationship with companies across the globe.

2. Over 30+ active client engagements;1millions man hours of experience in developing e-content.

3. Ranked Top service providers with over a decade's experience in International Markets; Zero defect tolerance policy.


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