Monday, February 4, 2013

Rapid growth of e-learning world wide

Now we are rapidly increasing the growth of e learning k-12 process , we  are successfully delivering the high-quality  resources product that involve with the highest technology and service including healthcare, higher education and management theory, We also continue with experience growth in e learning expenditure.

We at WHBS's  ilearn smart Content management systems makes your content enriched, powerful and smarter because content is stored a single time no ways how long it is used.

The system can organize everything that handle to it. And modifiers only have the access  while the changes are made widely within and for all documents.

Our solutions:

We have developed learning management solution with international standards such as SCORM 2004, and AICC Corporate Training solution

E-Content solution
Assessment solution
SCORM solution
LMS solution
Consulting services

From the past 50 years we are delivering an operative and innovative e-content solutions by understanding the necessary skills, knowledge about product and ability to perform work critical growth of business.

Our e-learning system:

Resource Library:

iLearnsmart allow learners to learn various types of difficult topics and resources briefly explained below


i-Learnsmart provides teaching for all type of educational system (CBSE, State, IGCSE) which includes subjects Biology k-12, Physics K-12, Chemistry K-12, and Mathematics k-12.

IT Skills:
iLearnsmart IT skills courses for
Operating system  (Windows, Red hat Linux)
Languages (Java,Turbo C, HTML, XML) 
Multimedia (Photo shop, Autoware, Director)
Internet (Front page, Internet fundamentals, Networking fundamentals, E-commerce fundamentals) Front end (Visual basic, Java server page, Active server page)
Application server (C#) Distributed computing (,, Cold fusion studio 4.5)
Database ( Oracle, Sql server)
Scripting ( Java script) and
Packages ( MS Office-power point , MS- Office Excel, MS-Office Access )
Management Skills

We are providing management skill courses such as Soft skill, Time management courses, Leadership quality, Communication, Customer care, and Change management etc...

iLearnsmart K-12 offers an affordable online learning options, digital content, instructional tools, and professional development process to access an innovative teaching and learning.

Our learning syllabus for CBSE grade:


Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
Human reproduction
Reproductive health
Principles of inheritance and variation
Molecular basis of inheritance
Human health and disease
Microbes in human welfare

Nowadays we are traveling in an effectual part of e learning system and we are consistently improves our k-12 process and getting highest revenue because of our innovative approach on k-12 far globally we are achieving our aim …!!!

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About WHBS:

White House Business Solution is an IT / ITES company with professional expertise. We provide outsourced Content Production, e Book Publishing, e - Learning and Technology Services, and Legal Content Solutions to leading companies,  Information Services, Professional Services, Banking & Financial Solutions, Technology, and Engineering, Law and Government...

Our Core:

White House Business Solution we provide e-learning and e-learning development services. We pride ourselves on having some of the best E-Learning development . We believe strongly that the effectiveness of e-learning solutions is heavily influenced by the quality of the learning . However, even the best developer in the world isn’t enough by itself, The thing is what is critical is a customer's approach to building a solution. Fundamentally the best solutions are customer's solutions.

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