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Before we wire your campus literally, you need a brand, you need a name, you need a website and you need to be branded across various platforms.

Profile management software is enabled via link2school:

Profile management software this service  provides an easy, reliable way for managing student profile to certify a continuous experience by maintaining a single profile that follows the student.

It auto carryover and optimizes student profiles to minimize management and storage requirements and requires minimal management support and environment, while providing student/Administrator/Parents/Teachers with improved logon and logout.

Website creation:

Link2School will design, develop and build website for your educational institute. Your website will serves you as the business card as we can do a lot more things with a beautifully designed website than just having for the sake of it.

Maintenance and Updates of the site

Most of the academies do have a website, but miserably fail to update it on a regular basis. Link2School will maintain your website and update it regularly.

Option to do Search Engine Optimization

Now with the website built, are you going to keep it idle when we can actually bring more leads and inquiries just with your website by search engine optimization.

Profile Management Software

Profile Management Software script is the new and radical web based Profile management Software. It has four modules and logins for each administrators (Management), Students, Teachers and Parents.

This profile management gives you a complete student solution when you buy this you get all the modules like

Front-end portal
forum etc...

Parents can login into their accounts and view the progress of their child, day to day activities attendance and grades with remarks and feedback makes the parent's module and it takes very best that is neccessory  in present critical school management system can be a instant access for communication.

Key benefits of Profile Management Systematic

Consistent experience:

Increases user satisfaction and improves productivity

Better management:

Reduces administrative pressure
Profile size control
Robust profiles
Extend synchronization
Detailed  revolutionary reports
Easy to implement and simple to maintain

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About WHBS:

White House Business Solution is an IT / ITES company with professional expertise. We provide outsourced Content Production, e Book Publishing, e - Learning and Technology Services, and Legal Content Solutions to leading companies,  Information Services, Professional Services, Banking & Financial Solutions, Technology, and Engineering, Law and Government...

Our Core:

White House Business Solution we provide e-learning and e-learning development services. We pride ourselves on having some of the best E-Learning development . We believe strongly that the effectiveness of e-learning solutions is heavily influenced by the quality of the learning . However, even the best developer in the world isn’t enough by itself, The thing is what is critical is a customer's approach to building a solution. Fundamentally the best solutions are customer's solutions.


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