Friday, February 8, 2013

Generate a foundation for greater Financial Management

Decreasing financial department administration process and costs while creating service levels and clearness is a complex issue for most enterprising organization , because its really difficult to focus without properly manage the financial management.

This smartbook Financial Management accounting solutions fully assisting the financial, accounting ,payroll , inventory management of the business by giving the complete access and control over finance and accounting information. This financial management incorporating with an advanced technologies to fetch with companies reorganizing enterprise-large processes,and increasing focus accountability into performance.

How Smartbook help for an organization accounting system?

Decrease errors generate by the manual process and repetitive work.

Will be an instrument and affordable financial business processes on all levels of an organization.

Increase prominence into accounting processes and financial performance.

Increase efficiency because of ease of report generation, prepare and maintain data.

Improve communication and maintain productivity through out the process

This smartbook are integrated, functionally enrich applications that give organizations that maintain the productivity and needed not only to maintain your difficult financial resource management goals, helps to make their wide finance and accounting, payroll, inventory and other department operate in more efficient manner . 

Necessary to service for organization quality improvement, emerging submission requisite is also provided by the Smartbooks financial accounting management system such as explain by the below five modules.

General Ledger: 

Integrate separate financial accounting system

Accounts Receivable:

Provide billing for credit, cash, and customer management in a timely manner with accurate, up-to-the-day information. 

Accounts Payable:

Automates payable process and financial invoices, payment,approve invoice and to maintain inventory system.

Asset management:

Tracking record for maintenance information needed to calculate taxes ,accounting property, control and forecasting budget.

Management accounting:

The wide financial and accounting detail will be followed in management accounting and the invoice statement, records can be generated.

And generally this software provides a sophisticated GUI based executive information system to visualize HR related data and enables you to consolidate employee information even in widely distributed organizations.

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