Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mobile Learning (M-Learning)

M-Learning technology supports e-learning approaches in Education, Government, and Corporate sector. Mlearning is an evaluation and adaption of mobile e-learning technology. 

Presently M-Learning service came up with the new trend and new m-Learning devices mobile products such as the iPad, iPhone 4, Android. It is not surprising that mobile technology growth rates have exceeded other digital technologies such as personal computers, radio, television and even the Internet. In this state what it is clear that most organizations should be looking at mobile learning... 

M-Learning Features:

Mobile learning is compact computation, higher interdependency, total connectivity, and powerful process subscription, always ready connect with any host, allowing easy input, high resolution images and hear quality sound. 

M-Learning is the interconnection of mobile computing devices and e-learning: having strong search capabilities, storage space , rich interaction, powerful support for effective learning.

The latest mobile devices have good multimedia capabilities. Course materials for mobile devices should be in multimedia format to take advantage of the capabilities of the mobile devices and to make the learning experience more stimulating for students.

Ideally, mlearning focused on company's learning and development process, creating an mlearning strategy, and gathering information and measuring and developing mlearning materials.

Potential benefits of mlearning:

Using cameras and video for user-generated content and informal learning

Access any time, anywhere – learning available in new situations

Time emphasis and prompt – performance support, great for product

Identify location specific opportunities 

Improve leaning and gives combination of learning experience 

While you are using mlearning devices there are no hard rules or best practices. you can use, get access anytime the major advantages you can adapt it at anywhere.
Final note:

Evolution of mlearning become more sophisticated, users obtain a greater portion of their information from these devices. It appears that future generations are extremely accessible to implement new technology and it will support to hold the learning process ,and they can be stored in an electronic repository for remote access at any time.

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