Friday, January 4, 2013

ERP Product - Smart Book

Human Resource Management
Simple Inventory Management
Advanced Inventory Management
Financial Management
Complete Accounting
Other Features

Human Resource Management:

Smart book human resource management which includes vertical application for any software application and its supports a specific business process with specific skill set and job responsibilities of enterprise application with in an organization. such as ERP. And is a way of management that link to people related activities to the strategy of a business or organization, and the functional activities that has been developed for several reasons such as Requirement process, Inclusive records of employee, Automatic process of pay, Customization on loans and advances, Making performance appraisal, Generate statuary forms, Dynamic access, Calculating insurance premium and annual bonus, Final settlement & Gratuity calculation.

Simple Inventory Management:

Smart book Simple inventory management system its a web based order inventory management system, its designed to capture the several industry requested features for small and medium business and the inventory system continuously updated based on new requirements. 

The systematic approach of simple inventory system includes Purchase order, Invoices, Returning goods details. LIFO,FIFO,Record keeping,Pricing levels, Comparison of quotation and Tax construction.

Advanced Inventory Management:

Smart book Advanced inventory management (AIM) its one of the expert provider of supportable inventory control and asset tracking services includes track the item to specific warehouses, get inventory value across multiple warehouses, Transfer item between inventory sites, Warranty Monitoring , Product/ job analysis, Sales profit analysis

Financial Management:

Smart book financial management service, The purpose in order to give an effective financial management system that improves short and long term business investigation by modernized invoicing bill collection, avoiding  accounting errors by minimize the record keeping severance and providing quality budget planning, offer budget preparation and forecasting flexibility, variance & ratio analysis, PDC management and audit trails.

Complete Accounting:

Smart book complete accounting system which allow you to track multiple companies combined accounting that helps you to hold the high level financial records in your business perspective.

The comprehensive accounting system offers complete property of management software that includes General ledger, Account payable, Account receivable, Automatic process for user defines functions, Aging analysis and Bank reconciliation statements. mainly adopt by the modernized process of complete accounting system.

Other Features:

Smart book offers some of other features to help management to access accounts still in a easy way. The functional features such as Report management system, Multi-site communication, Group approval processing, User defined report generation, Import export of data, Advanced security management.

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