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School Management System

is a step towards taking the education to the next revolution after internet. It becomes inevitable for every institution to keep its repute high and make their, a flagship institution; this challenge can only be met with planned administration and by having the desired control over the activities happening in and around the campus.

There is no other way except to seek the help of Information Technology’s to keep their winning edge over their Educational business. Link2School is one such tool to help you run your campus completely equipped with technology and growth. The comprehensive campus management system will help you to go live and create a platform for you as the management, the students, the instructors and the parents to communicate and express their thoughts.

Modules and functionalities of Link2school

Link2school is user friendly end to end school management software. It has built-in help authoring tool, which guides users to understand and operate all modules in software. It is highly secured application that allows users to access the information securely. Link2School supports multi language facility effectively and efficiently. This software is incorporated with RFID Tags, Smart cards and Biometric, etc.

The modules of Link2school are

School Management

School management module allows the administrator to maintain the comprehensive details and facilities available in school. Application displays route map of school, so users can easily understand the school route. Set the number of working days as per week, year and create academic term for school based on academic year. Calendar displays the list of events and task scheduled in the school. Intimate the exam timetable, results publish date and school functions through notice board. 

Staff Management

Staff management module maintains staff details and list of staff available in school. Automated staff id is created for staff during staff registration. Administrator defines the leave structure and applies leave for staff. Administrator has rights to approve or reject leave applied by staff. Track staff discipline and issue memo for lacking discipline.

Student Management

Student management enables administrator to maintain student details and view the list of students registered in school. Generate automated roll no for student enrollment during registration. Administrator or class faculty applies leave for student. Track student behavior at any time and points are rewarded based on discipline. Create conduct master record for both positive and negative behavior of student. Maintain complete conduct details of student in discipline history.


In this module school management maintains education details of student. Designing of Annual lesson plan helps to complete syllabus within academic year. Prepare Learning centre plan based on Annual lesson plan. Staff explains about concept, activities and resource required for subject in Learning centre plan. Administrator schedule assignment and review assignment submitted by student.


Examination module allows staff to evaluate student skill through the examination. Schedule exam time table based on class and assign pass percentage for each subject. Enter the mark and grade achieved by the student in examination. Publish exam result and promote student to desired class. Monitor term wise assessment and cumulative assessment of each student.

Fee Management

According to school rule fee structure is customized based on class and academic term. Students pay the fee through different mode such as Cash, Cheque, Credit Card etc. Issues fee receipt for paid student.


School maintains separate attendance for student and staff. Attendance details are recorded and maintained automatically. Track In-time and Out-time of student entered into school. Check whether students present or absent and display reason for leave taken by student. Staffs enter comments for the applied leave.

Library Management

Library management is most flexible and suitable for school management system maintaining general, junior and senior libraries. Store all types of media such as books, magazines, CD, etc. One of OPAC library management facilitates to search material in wide range of information about any media. It provides barcode, create Dewey Decimal Code, maintain library rule, set loan period, generate book catalogue and print ID card for student and staff. Library management reduces work and time.


Scheduling module is designed to auto generate timetable based on constraint such as number of periods set per day and maximum number of periods for each subject and staff. Automatic timetable generation is time consuming task for school. Administrator view generated timetable including no of free periods and no of teaching periods according to class and subject.

Utility Management

In school management system, utility management is very important security module. It enables administrator to set privileges for accessing all modules to users.


Administrator can effectively generate any type of reports. Generate customized reports based on student performance, student attendance etc. There are more than 90 customized records.

Student Live

Student can access this software from anywhere and anyplace. Students easily interact with staffs and other students to share their knowledge. Through this portal, students apply leave and view approval status of leave. View assignment and submit assignment within particular period.

Staff Live

Separate portal is provided for staff to access the details of students and review assignment submitted by student. Through web portal staffs apply leave from anywhere and anyplace. Staffs can interact with other staffs, student and parents with collaboration tool.

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