Monday, December 31, 2012

OTRS-A Flexible Help Desk and IT Service Management Software

We are successfully mastered in customizing the OTRS in its factories to track the progress of the queries submitted , The purpose of this management technique is that we should provide right services to the right people, Because as a creator of our product we know better than anyone else....

We offer the highest quality of support available for your OTRS and with our successful real time installation , Working , Maintenance experience we can assure this service for any enterprise, Corporate and government agencies to implement the OTRS or Complaint management system in their premises.

And we care for an organized and effective way of delivering, responding to solution, broadcasting and examine complaints to expand an administrative actions and service endowment.

The web based complaint management system/ Ticketing system that communicate in various ways like Email,SMS , once problem is reported , the complaint will be sent with an alert so that we can ensuring that the solution is provided without any time delay.

The structured OTRS environment enables with specific attention for each and every problem and its allows the maintenance process if required, and the complaint management system that investigate by the trained custom program developers.

The complaints handle and follow with the three business protocols

Setup ans approved on the complaint
Superiority Management
How the CMS system works:

Initially once the complaints are recorded it loads on to the complaint management the next step is using the complaint management software, the complaint has been investigate and categorized the severity then identifies the root cause of complaint Further more the notification logged, assessed and printed after this all process.

The software also enriched and improves productivity

Attributes of CMS/ Tickets
Web based online system
Can enter complaints or tickets via Email, SMS
Receive alerts
Can define the related categories
Define corresponding roles and department
Inclusive chronic to evaluate the report

OTRS's Aid:

Unbeatable response for the queries

Assist customer queries via various modus

Alert providing system that improves the response time for the queries

Can maintain & Review performance of how customer complaints are managed in your premises

Closing Note:

This automating process that allows management to interact still more effectively and quickly with the unsatisfied clients. So that we can understand the customer's requirement as well help them to reach their threshold point...

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