Monday, July 30, 2012

Supplementary Cds along with published books

Nothing is comparable when it comes to book reading experience.  When a worldwide reputed publishing house planned to develop supplementary cds along with their books,we were preferred. And in short span, we helped them to meet the deadline for their printing and publishing for next academic year.

Our cds should have already reached more than 5 lakh students and became a household property for each of them. Filled with refreshing activities and games, the students not only learn the content but also enrich their learning experience through interactivities.

We already developed such supplementary cds for Folen's publishing house, Europe. With our experience, we not only

develop the cds but also provide consultancy in bringing the best output which match the quality of publishing house standards.

Hereby, we welcome the leading publishing houses irrespective of linguistical and geographical differences to

utilise our services and decorate their books with our "Interactive CD" jewel.

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