Thursday, September 8, 2011

White House Business Solution Revamps; Launches its new website...........

Chennai, India, – White House Business Solution (WHBS), one of the premium pioneering E-Learning companies in India is excited to announce the launch of its new website.

White House Business Solution has revamped its website and has developed a new Web 2.0 site that was officially launched this month. The new website will have more information about the products and services and the solutions White House offers and all the information is organized and categorized to help the visitors to access what they are looking for.

"Designing a website is as important as your communication with your clients and potential customers. Our website stands for what we are in the business and how we do it, so it takes extreme care while developing the website and it makes even more an important task while we try to keep a check with the latest technology and design elements in the trend. And, honestly, It is interesting to see how a new website brings new energy into the business and our people" said, Mr. Mohamed Elyas, CEO of White House Business Solutions.

"The new website highlights our products and services and our packaged solutions we offer and also the we have given equal importance to our current and past clients and all their testimonials to add more weightage to our quality and standard of work we have done so far apart from listing down all the complainces and standards we qualify for." further he added.

The site also features many links to the product presentations and sample courses developed by White House Business Solutions for their various clients and their comprehensive e-learning solutions are also shown as demo in the site.

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About WHBS:

White House Business Solution is an IT / ITES company with professional expertise. We provide outsourced Content Production, e Book Publishing, e - Learning and Technology Services, and Legal Content Solutions to leading companies,  Information Services, Professional Services, Banking & Financial Solutions, Technology, and Engineering, Law and Government...

Our Core:

White House Business Solution we provide e-learning and e-learning development services. We pride ourselves on having some of the best E-Learning development . We believe strongly that the effectiveness of e-learning solutions is heavily influenced by the quality of the learning . However, even the best developer in the world isn’t enough by itself, The thing is what is critical is a customer's approach to building a solution. Fundamentally the best solutions are customer's solutions.

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