Monday, May 16, 2011

Choosing Your Career

Come this June, a majority of the Indian families with children of age 15-17 would be breaking their heads into what will be their children's future and what career their son/daughter will choose. With whatever grades they have got, every parent long for a professional courses so their children can go for IT jobs with good pay and other benefits.

Normally, Indian students spend more time/years in studying and less time in learning working skills, whereas American students start working from an earlier age right after the school and prefer to spend more time working , and thus they gain practical knowledge than the Indian students. Also, while working at a young age, they get exposed to entrepreneurship and those young students with entrepreneurial skills get often encouraged and mentored by their peers, giving them an opportunity to become young entrepreneurs.

But, the downside of starting a career from a young age would be they would remain as high school pass outs or drop outs, which might affect their exposure to academic knowledge. And, the American students fill this gap effectively by pursuing online courses while at job. The traditional 'Brick & Mortar' education has been replaced by 'Click & Learn' system by the Americans since late 90's and from early 2000'.

Online Education is considered to be a boon for those students that do not want to loose any time in studying, yet want to learn the theoretical nuances and technology, to have a degree for their career advancement. Previously, Indian students find the online education system to be tough, because, their employment opportunities were very limited and also, there weren't much reputed universities or educational institutes that offered online courses. Times have changed now.

With the IT boom, students right after their school, join in BPOs' and Call Centers' where they earn a good money with a genuine working experience that helps them to have a comfort life. Most of such students continue their higher education by doing online bachelors and masters degrees from reputed and authorized universities and thus achieving two goals at a time never seem to be so easy like now.

There are a lot of colleges and universities that offer valuable courses online and give the students an opportunity to explore the world at a young age by offering internship programs too. So, why do we still have to stick to the age old rule of study and then work? Today is a world, where old rules don't apply, if you wish to catch up with it.

Thus, E-learning has played a major part in redefining the learning experience and needless to say, many peoples' lives.

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