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To suit the specific requirements of individual educational and academic institutions, IntegralCE – College Management System is built up of mandatory and add-on modules.

Mandatory or Core Modules: 

College Profile:
  • Create, set-up and maintain all the administrative details and records of the college at the click of a button.
  • The administrative details includes set-up of college profile, defining weekdays and weekend holidays, defining academic term and academic year, setting-up academic calendar, defining working hours and the period timings.
Course Profile:
  • With the optimal blending of technology in IntegralCE, creation of master list of subject, defining the streams under which the courses are offered, allocation of subjects to the courses and defining the elective subjects for the course is made a simple and a tireless job.
Staff Profile:
  • A tedious and neck bending paper job, maintaining of staff profile has been made a simple job as a mouse click.
  • Automation of attendance makes the process of applying leave online, knowing the approval status and to view their attendance a paper less job.
Student Profile:
  • IntegralCE ‘s latest innovative technological ability makes the administrator’s job to create and maintain the student’s profile a simple and down to earth work.
  • One of the major concern of college administrators, health record of students is also given considerable importance in IntegralCE.
  • Automation of leave and attendance of students is also felicitated in this module.
  • An existing college need not to go through the cumbersome task of registering the students into the system, IntegralCE takes care of it with bulk upload facility.
  • Customize to suit to any specific region in the globe
  • Support RFID, smart cards
  • Generation of reports according to the need of the institution made simple in IntegralCE

Add-on Modules: 


  • With IntegralCE, parents or the students can apply for admission online and the information is stored into a intelligent database system. The student’s information will be carried on till the entire process of entrance exam, interview, fee payment etc., is completed and the prospect becomes a student.
  • Attendance is still a pain area for many of the colleges. IntegralCE aids in automation of staff and students attendance.
  • Supports RFID and smart cards widely used in colleges.
  • The most tedious and time consuming task in the administration of the college is now quite a easy job with IntegralCE ‘s inbuilt scheduling management system.
  • A comprehensive solution for both administrative and academic automation.
  • In-built SCORM authoring and player makes the teacher create their own content and publish it as SCORM packages.
  • Assignment and lesson-plan are added features of academics module.
  • The entire genre of tasks involved in exam scheduling, grade setup, grading, publishing result becomes as easy as click of a button using IntegralCE.
Fee Management:
  • IntegralCE does not stop with administrative automation, it also handles fee management.
  • Fee structure, payment receipt of fees paid and alert for the fees due to be paid is well managed by the system.
Library Management:
  • IntegralCE provides facility to create specific library cards, book catalogue, issue and reservation of books and maintaining feedbacks of the user on the books.

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