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Since it is determined in 1999 with couple of members, in sequence to yield cost-effective, peculiarity product as well as services to a far-reaching spectrum of customer worldwide. We’re a partial of White House Group with a organization worker bottom of over 3000+ as well as over 300+ in Information Technology as well as Multimedia. Our disdainful sales offices have been in USA, UK, France, Malaysia, UAE as well as Saudi Arabia around a Globe.

We have unequivocally clever program engineering routine as well as a operations have been approved as ISO 9001:2000 by Bureau Vertias Certification. Our prophesy is to lead a universe to a brand brand new epoch of learning.

WHBS is a single of a world’s a a single preferred outsourcing destinations. We work closely towards a tellurian smoothness as well as internal service, with plan being conducted during any location.

Our areas of operation embody Link2School School Management System, Integral CE Campus Management System, i-Learn Knowledge Framework Learning Management Server as well as Smart books Enterprises suite.

With a extensive knowledge, WHBS offers services for a commercial operation such as Custom e-Content Development, Strategic Consulting Service, Learning as a Service (LaaS), Search Engine Optimization as well as Technical Writing service.

Besides e-learning solutions building as well as use digest WHBS additionally suggest most suitable resolution for Learning Management Software, School Management Software, Campus Management Software, Assessment Management Software, Customized Product Design as well as Hospital Management Software.

We accede to a entirely customizable SCORM agreeable Learning Management System which dictated to residence a guidance as well as precision needs of a organizations as well as tutorial institutions.

Our extensive Assessment Management System enables guidance professionals, tutorial institutions, as well as precision departments to develop, schedule, deliver, as well as inform upon surveys, quizzes, tests as well as exams.

Blueberry is a generic, stretchable as well as user accessible Hospital Information System grown to describe higher services some-more well by handling a Out – studious (OPD), Inpatient (IP), Pharmacy, Inventory, Finance as well as Personnel of a multi-specialty hospital.

Some of a clients have been small, medium, vast craving as well as supervision organizations opposite a globe. We have tellurian operations opposite USA, West Indies, Malaysia as well as India.

One of a clients Mr. Paul says “This is to contend how gratified we have been with a growth as well as a speed during which WHBS is obliged to a requirements. Thanks for all of a tough work as well as we have been unequivocally happy with a approach things have been going! It’s been glorious operative with them!”

We will get behind to we with brand brand new product as shortly as possible.

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About WHBS:

White House Business Solution is an IT / ITES company with professional expertise. We provide outsourced Content Production, e Book Publishing, e - Learning and Technology Services, and Legal Content Solutions to leading companies,  Information Services, Professional Services, Banking & Financial Solutions, Technology, and Engineering, Law and Government...

Our Core:

White House Business Solution we provide e-learning and e-learning development services. We pride ourselves on having some of the best E-Learning development . We believe strongly that the effectiveness of e-learning solutions is heavily influenced by the quality of the learning . However, even the best developer in the world isn’t enough by itself, The thing is what is critical is a customer's approach to building a solution. Fundamentally the best solutions are customer's solutions.


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