Friday, September 17, 2010

Track - Learning Management System ( LMS )

Track - Learning Management Software:

Grade Report-Provide details of overall learner performance in Examinations/ Assignments along with other details such as Grades, etc

Activity Report-Facility to generate reports of content utilization by the learners, details of contents published and overall progress of instructors, learners in a particular course.

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White House Business Solution is an IT / ITES company with professional expertise. We provide outsourced Content Production, e Book Publishing, e - Learning and Technology Services, and Legal Content Solutions to leading companies,  Information Services, Professional Services, Banking & Financial Solutions, Technology, and Engineering, Law and Government...

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White House Business Solution we provide e-learning and e-learning development services. We pride ourselves on having some of the best E-Learning development . We believe strongly that the effectiveness of e-learning solutions is heavily influenced by the quality of the learning . However, even the best developer in the world isn’t enough by itself, The thing is what is critical is a customer's approach to building a solution. Fundamentally the best solutions are customer's solutions.

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