Friday, September 17, 2010

One Way or Other Way

With the growing competition in the educational field, more schools and colleges are opting to develop and host their own website. Then apart from developing websites of their own, they are trying to manage their administration, management and learning activities within their campus. If websites provides the details about the institutions worldwide, its management software will enhance its organisation functions. But is it wise?

1. Developing a website through a company or a freelancer and maintaining or updating it on day to day basis or all the time.

2. Procuring a management software separately and then looking for its installation, training and maintenance.

Will it be a double cost for that organisation?

Yes, exactly.

But - come to our Link2school or Integral CE - School management system or college management system respectively. Its home page will be customizable and its modules will cover all the details which you want to design as a website. Its other modules will cater to your management needs. Not to mention the following distinctive features:

1. From home page of the application, student, staff, administrator, parent can login to their personalised home page.

2. Your day to day school activities and attendance will be reflected worldwide

3. Hosting can be provided if the institution doesn't have the hardware and software facilities.

So, still want to go in two ways - or in one way?

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