Thursday, July 1, 2010

Campus Management System

Learning, academic &campus management system for colleges and universities:

Integral is an easy-to-use web-based learning, academic and campus management system for colleges and universities. It provides best in class content management system, learner-centered learning management system and comprehensive assessment tools with all backend administration functions of the institution to increase the overall effectiveness of the institution. Its real-time collaborative platform helps connect and bridge the gap between all education stakeholders: students, teachers, parents and administrator.

Its integrated structure, modules and core database engine helps avoid redundancy of data and duplication of work, thus resulting in efficient use of time, resources and cost. Behind the scene it enhances all the learning, teaching, academic and administrative activities, and simplifies the complexities of today’s educational challenges by providing an enhanced online academic experience, ensuring students' achievement, improving education stakeholders engagement and managing resources and operations efficiently.

1. Secure, scalable and robust platform with easy-to-use and simple interface
2. Flexible and customizable to suit individual institutions' needs
3. Connect all education stakeholders: Teachers, administrators, students and parents
4. Effective management of students and staffs records
5. Meet diverse assessment needs of the Colleges/Universities
6. Impeccable automation and integration of academic and administrative functions
7. Reduce operational cost with increased productivity and efficiency of processes.
8. Grade book to track students' progress and performance
9. Facility to intimate notices, events, holidays, etc., easily and quickly
10. Support for RFID Tags, Smart Cards, Biometrics, Mobile SMS/Text/IM and Barcode
11. Anytime, anywhere access Internet or Intranet
To suit the specific requirements of individual Colleges/Universities, Integral is offered in 6 different editions:

1.Integral Learn:

SCORM/AICC based learning management system to use existing or off-the-shelf standard content and courses.
2. Integral Learn PRO:

Learning and content management system that provides all the features and functionalities of Integral Learn along with content and question authoring, content management, etc.
3. Integral Campus STAFFE:

Simple and user-friendly campus management system that automates and integrates institution’s key functions such as Institution/students/staff profile, attendance, facility, fees and examination management.

4. Integral Campus SMART:
Comprehensive campus management system specifically developed for Colleges/Universities to cater to the needs of today’s challenges in the educational environment by providing an enhanced online academic experience.
5. Integral Campus LIVE:
Highly cohesive and collaborative system that connects and bridges gap between all education stakeholders:parents, teachers, and students.
6. Integral EduSuite:
Complete learning, academic & campus management system that securely manages and optimizes all the operations of the Colleges/Universities more effectively and efficiently.

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