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IntegralCE - Campus management sotware

Integral-CE Campus Management System
Superior Accountability
Enrich Provision
Accomplish Quality

Whether a school/college/University or Government founded institution all are have the same goal to provide students with greatest quality education by finest exploitation of available resources. Higher education providers around the world operate in an increasingly competitive market. 

And the thing is when they are introducing new technologies and services to provide greatest educational system and also they are facing difficulties in manage their administrative process and fail to understand  that what  they  supposed to for student/Parents, this is the complication of present management system.

What to do to overcome this main issue?

According to the previous statement, In this article we are providing information you to manage your administrative process in a right way....


Integral-CE an effort to develop a Methodically, Reverential, and Premeditate school environment, many schools/colleges/Universities implement Campus Management System, design to promote your management process in to highly sophisticated and user-friendly system.

The campus management system connect data between the system and people and an integrates and automates, Students Faculty and administrative information, Campus management. Scheduling, Library, Examination, Reports, Utility, Academic and finance allowing real time access to all campus activities.

Integral CE is the powerful key process of all the integrated system, Its provides the complete functional requirement of present leading institution required. The CMS actually provides an effective and innovative process helps to provide effectual and competent information, In today's challenging environment rapidly increases need of meeting while aggregating suppleness to encourage invention.

Summary of Attributes:

Integral is an easy-to-use web based learning,academic and campus management system for colleges and universities. It provides best in class content management system, learner-centered learning management system and comprehensive assessment tools with all back end administration functions of the institution to increase the overall effectiveness of the institution. Its real-time collaborative platform helps connect and bridge the gap between all education stakeholders: students, teachers, parents and administrator.

Its integrated structure, modules and core database engine helps avoid redundancy of data and duplication of work, thus resulting in efficient use of time, resources and cost. Behind the scene it enhances all the learning,teaching, academic and administrative activities, and simplifies the complexities of today’s educational challenges by providing an enhanced online academic experience, ensuring students' achievement, improving education stakeholders engagement and managing resources and operations efficiently.

It provides a single stream of data source for refinement your business processes and objective of the report.

Daily maintenance helps you to avoid duplicate data entry Communicate with any department via Emails.

Well-organized security features provide data secrecy and maintains its reliability.

It has a simple user boundary and ,This enhance that the users less in learning and ensure the productivity.

Offers complete life cycle management by enabling the modification and communication features.

Facility to intimate notices, events, holidays, etc., easily and quickly.

Support for RFID Tags, Smart Cards, Biometrics, Mobile SMS/Text/IM and Barcode Anytime, anywhere access Internet or Intranet.

Maintaining a detailed chronological records. It has provision for several report preparation.

And Integral CE suite has its specific requirement of individual colleges/Universities , and offered 6 different edition and each edition has its several own module features

Integral Learn
Integral Learn PRO
Integral Campus STAFF
Integral Campus SMART
Integral Campus Live
Integral Edusuite

Each edition, and its module has been categorized by user type that which allows to access the complete package with password for accessing different modules.

There are six types of users Student, Staff, Inventory, Accountant, Librarian, and System Administrator.

System Administrator have an access for all modules, they can create their own report for requirement, Others restricted to edit.

Benefits of Integral-CE:

Makes good working culture in an organization

Provide accurate enrollment data, the tool to upgrade growth

Secure, scalable and robust platform with easy-to-use and simple interface

Flexible and customizable to suit individual institutions' needs

Fast reliable, affordable,low-risk solution with an easy implementation

Minimal cost ,Combine consonantly with an oldest structure

Instead of meeting anyone directly reduces the time to get an information from other

Connect all education stakeholders: Teachers, administrators, students and parents

Avoid spare entry with the same accountability process its avoids time consuming and increases productivity

Increasing research time rather than paper reading

Real time reports used to manage the top management process such as decision making in real time It saves time and money. 


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