Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fee Management Software

This module is one of the important module of  an Integral CE module, This fee management system have an efficiency service to manage College/Universities fee administration process.
This system provides the regular transformation of corresponding data uncomplicated for secure of approved at all times. This easy user-friendly that added the value for management.

And the inclusive record of information that can be used in future and relevant information that we need to update.  This managerially provide the data that have credited,send the reminder for the corresponding persons, and  provide security for all the financial accounting department

It competently capture the details of your school’s or college’s and old student, newly joined and provide current fee billing / payment collection receipts.

Functions enabled in Fee management system:

Receipt printing and issuing
Course fee structure etc can be generated automatically
Advance fee collection
Fee cancellation
Refunding statement can be given

Fee collection
Dues report
Refund & cancellation report,
Deduction criteria
Student wise fees collection/ Class wise or school wise/ College wise.

Alerts/ reminders can be sent students/parents
Access  with bank / net banking
And this effectively gives the administration software that makes the easy data stored work by a  admin
and gives opportunity to work in an effortless environment.

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